Graduate Schools in The West - 2017 Ranking

In 2017, we have evaluated 382 schools offering majors in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Our team ranks University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA), University of Washington Seattle (Seattle, WA), and University of California Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) the best three schools in the West.

See the Best 50 graduate schools in the West below or narrow your search by program, state, or city in the West.

Top 50 graduate schools in the West:

University of Southern California - Graduate School Ranking
1. University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA, 329 majors

University of Washington Seattle - Graduate School Ranking
University of California Los Angeles - Graduate School Ranking
3. University of California Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, 174 majors

Stanford University - Graduate School Ranking
4. Stanford University

Stanford, CA, 156 majors

University of California Berkeley - Graduate School Ranking
5. University of California Berkeley

Berkeley, CA, 152 majors

Arizona State University Tempe - Graduate School Ranking
University of Utah - Graduate School Ranking
7. University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT, 224 majors

Grand Canyon University - Graduate School Ranking
8. Grand Canyon University

Phoenix, AZ, 42 majors

University of Arizona - Graduate School Ranking
9. University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ, 196 majors

University of California Davis - Graduate School Ranking
University of Denver - Graduate School Ranking
11. University of Denver

Denver, CO, 117 majors

University of California Irvine - Graduate School Ranking
University of Phoenix Arizona - Graduate School Ranking
University of California San Diego - Graduate School Ranking
Colorado State University Fort Collins - Graduate School Ranking
15. Colorado State University Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO, 139 majors

Portland State University - Graduate School Ranking
16. Portland State University

Portland, OR, 119 majors

University of Colorado Boulder - Graduate School Ranking
17. University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO, 117 majors

University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical - Graduate School Ranking
San Diego State University - Graduate School Ranking
19. San Diego State University

San Diego, CA, 99 majors

Washington State University - Graduate School Ranking
20. Washington State University

Pullman, WA, 187 majors

Oregon State University - Graduate School Ranking
21. Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR, 155 majors

University of Oregon - Graduate School Ranking
22. University of Oregon

Eugene, OR, 127 majors

University of New Mexico - Graduate School Ranking
23. University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM, 113 majors

Brigham Young University Provo - Graduate School Ranking
University of Hawaii at Manoa - Graduate School Ranking
25. University of Hawaii

Honolulu, HI, 124 majors

University of Nevada Las Vegas - Graduate School Ranking
26. University of Nevada Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, 123 majors

California State University Long Beach - Graduate School Ranking
Western Governors University - Graduate School Ranking
28. Western Governors University

Salt Lake City, UT, 27 majors

Concordia University Portland - Graduate School Ranking
29. Concordia University Portland

Portland, OR, 14 majors

Naval Postgraduate School - Graduate School Ranking
30. Naval Postgraduate School

Monterey, CA, 57 majors

San Jose State University - Graduate School Ranking
31. San Jose State University

San Jose, CA, 58 majors

California State University Fullerton - Graduate School Ranking
University of San Francisco - Graduate School Ranking
33. University of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, 51 majors

California State University Northridge - Graduate School Ranking
Loma Linda University - Graduate School Ranking
35. Loma Linda University

Loma Linda, CA, 122 majors

University of California Santa Barbara - Graduate School Ranking
36. University of California Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA, 87 majors

Santa Clara University - Graduate School Ranking
37. Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, CA, 36 majors

Northern Arizona University - Graduate School Ranking
38. Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, AZ, 89 majors

Seattle University - Graduate School Ranking
39. Seattle University

Seattle, WA, 83 majors

Pepperdine University - Graduate School Ranking
40. Pepperdine University

Malibu, CA, 28 majors

University of Idaho - Graduate School Ranking
41. University of Idaho

Moscow, ID, 222 majors

Loyola Marymount University - Graduate School Ranking
42. Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, CA, 46 majors

University of La Verne - Graduate School Ranking
43. University of La Verne

La Verne, CA, 29 majors

University of San Diego - Graduate School Ranking
44. University of San Diego

San Diego, CA, 42 majors

Utah State University - Graduate School Ranking
45. Utah State University

Logan, UT, 93 majors

San Francisco State University - Graduate School Ranking
46. San Francisco State University

San Francisco, CA, 67 majors

California State University Los Angeles - Graduate School Ranking
University of California Riverside - Graduate School Ranking
New Mexico State University - Graduate School Ranking
49. New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, NM, 87 majors

Azusa Pacific University - Graduate School Ranking
50. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, CA, 23 majors

Graduate schools in the West by state:

Schools by State27 Graduate Schools in Arizona193 Graduate Schools in California36 Graduate Schools in Colorado7 Graduate Schools in Idaho7 Graduate Schools in Montana8 Graduate Schools in Nevada15 Graduate Schools in New Mexico29 Graduate Schools in Oregon13 Graduate Schools in Utah32 Graduate Schools in Washington1 Graduate Schools in Wyoming

Programs in the West:

Accounting: 90 graduate schools
Aerospace: 17 graduate schools
Agriculture: 20 graduate schools
Architecture: 30 graduate schools
Arts: 81 graduate schools
Biology: 95 graduate schools
Business: 206 graduate schools
Chemistry: 66 graduate schools
Computer: 121 graduate schools
Construction: 13 graduate schools
Culinary: 2 graduate schools
Dance: 17 graduate schools
Dental: 16 graduate schools
Economics: 56 graduate schools
Education: 212 graduate schools
Electrical: 12 graduate schools
Engineering: 80 graduate schools
Environmental: 77 graduate schools
Fashion: 7 graduate schools
Film: 34 graduate schools
Finance: 58 graduate schools
Fire: 2 graduate schools
Flight: 1 graduate school
Geography: 40 graduate schools
Geology: 58 graduate schools
Graphic Design: 11 graduate schools
History: 66 graduate schools
Hospitality: 9 graduate schools
Interior Design: 7 graduate schools
Journalism: 62 graduate schools
Foreign Languages: 56 graduate schools
Law: 55 graduate schools
Literature: 78 graduate schools
Management: 216 graduate schools
Marketing: 39 graduate schools
Massage: 3 graduate schools
Mathematics: 81 graduate schools
Mechanic: 1 graduate school
Medical: 187 graduate schools
Music: 74 graduate schools
Nursing: 91 graduate schools
Occupational Therapy: 52 graduate schools
Performing Arts: 55 graduate schools
Petroleum: 8 graduate schools
Pharmacy: 29 graduate schools
Philosophy: 85 graduate schools
Physics: 54 graduate schools
Police: 51 graduate schools
Politics: 64 graduate schools
Psychology: 180 graduate schools
Social Work: 105 graduate schools
Sociology: 78 graduate schools
Sport: 18 graduate schools
Theatre: 52 graduate schools
Veterinary: 8 graduate schools
Weather: 13 graduate schools

Graduate schools in other regions:

Northeast: 450 graduate schools
Midwest: 487 graduate schools
South: 657 graduate schools

Popular graduate school cities in the West:

in Arizona:
Flagstaff: 1 graduate school
Glendale: 2 graduate schools
Phoenix: 9 graduate schools
Prescott Valley: 1 graduate school
Scottsdale: 1 graduate school
Tempe: 5 graduate schools
Tucson: 3 graduate schools
in California:
Azusa: 1 graduate school
Berkeley: 10 graduate schools
Carson: 1 graduate school
Claremont: 4 graduate schools
Costa Mesa: 2 graduate schools
Davis: 1 graduate school
Fresno: 2 graduate schools
Fullerton: 4 graduate schools
Hayward: 2 graduate schools
Irvine: 5 graduate schools
La Jolla: 3 graduate schools
La Verne: 1 graduate school
Loma Linda: 1 graduate school
Long Beach: 1 graduate school
Los Angeles: 20 graduate schools
Malibu: 1 graduate school
Monterey: 2 graduate schools
Northridge: 1 graduate school
Oakland: 6 graduate schools
Orange: 2 graduate schools
Pasadena: 4 graduate schools
Pomona: 3 graduate schools
Redlands: 1 graduate school
Riverside: 3 graduate schools
Sacramento: 2 graduate schools
San Bernardino: 1 graduate school
San Diego: 15 graduate schools
San Francisco: 14 graduate schools
San Jose: 2 graduate schools
Santa Barbara: 4 graduate schools
Santa Clara: 1 graduate school
Santa Cruz: 2 graduate schools
Stanford: 1 graduate school
Stockton: 2 graduate schools
Thousand Oaks: 1 graduate school
Vallejo: 2 graduate schools
in Colorado:
Aurora: 2 graduate schools
Boulder: 4 graduate schools
Colorado Springs: 4 graduate schools
Denver: 10 graduate schools
Fort Collins: 1 graduate school
Golden: 1 graduate school
Greeley: 1 graduate school
Greenwood Village: 1 graduate school
in Hawaii:
Honolulu: 7 graduate schools
in Idaho:
Boise: 1 graduate school
Moscow: 2 graduate schools
Pocatello: 1 graduate school
in Montana:
Bozeman: 1 graduate school
Missoula: 1 graduate school
in Nevada:
Henderson: 3 graduate schools
Las Vegas: 2 graduate schools
Reno: 1 graduate school
in New Mexico:
Albuquerque: 3 graduate schools
Las Cruces: 1 graduate school
in Oregon:
Ashland: 1 graduate school
Corvallis: 1 graduate school
Eugene: 2 graduate schools
Forest Grove: 1 graduate school
Portland: 14 graduate schools
in Utah:
Logan: 1 graduate school
Provo: 2 graduate schools
Salt Lake City: 5 graduate schools
in Washington:
Pullman: 1 graduate school
Seattle: 10 graduate schools
Spokane: 2 graduate schools
Tacoma: 4 graduate schools
in Wyoming:
Laramie: 1 graduate school © 2017 · Home · Terms of Use · Methodology